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United Soccer Academy offer the opportunity to host exciting camps and classes in your area. Whether you’re a Recreation Director, Soccer Club Official, Facility Owner or a Youth Group leader, USA's unique range of camps and classes ensures that you can find the perfect program for your community.

From the fun developmental environment of the World Cup and Soccer Squirts camps to the serious training environments of the Travel Academy and High School/Team camps, USA offers it all. You may select from any of our camps or programs listed on this site. Please visit summer camps overview or year round programs overview to find the program that best suits your needs.


Why should you host?

  • You get the program in a convenient location
  • You select the date and times that suit you
  • You are providing an exciting service to your community or club
  • You can use the program as a fundraiser for your club or organization

What should I do next?
Set up a call or meeting with us - click here to let us know you're interested

What does USA provide?

  • Professional coaching staff
  • All coaching equipment provided
  • Structured curriculum
  • Safe environment
  • Custom flyers for the program
  • All program administration
  • Marketing & promotion assistance
  • Site insurance

What we need from you?

A suitable location
Marketing assistance